And NOW/ soon/maybe even in the past...

To be released october 15 on Transubstans Records, a brand new album!!! This is supposed to be the second part of a trilogy starting off with a farewell to brains. 

Now Look! The third minatures album finally available at your local gas station/walmart!

SOON to be released, a double vinyl album together with the great 

american composer Jim Thirlwell. Great, powerful music featuring loads of world class artist. Title is "Oscillospira" and will be released in april-24 on american label Ipecac.

Finally, "a farewell to brains", in a new mix, and re-mastered by morgan ågren will be released before this summer! Together with since LONG o.o.p albums  "the zombiehunter" and "led circus" on swedish label Transubstans Records. Needless to say i´m very happy with that. Unfortunately the master tapes is gone for the old ones, but they will hopefully benefit from a re-mastering session by morgan.

Date is set for June 15, 2018!!! I guess that you can pre order it all ready, maybe you should, yes?


What can i tell you! The postponed album is miraculously NOT yet again postponed,

but released! At the 26 of June, AltrOck finally released "25 years of minimum r&b"

(AltrOck ALT054)

This double cd contains much of my old out of print music,

as well as one disc with over 67 minutes of previously unreleased material.

Leftovers, alternative takes, never heard before. Even new.

Old music is re-mastered by morgan ågren. New music is mastered by morgan ågren as well.

I guess you can even buy it. Maybe here:

Or at ANY well oriented record vendor.

Yes, i think you should! OK?

Will feauture one track on the "GLO miniatures", which will be released on double vinyl long play in august -17. I guess it will be a very worthwhile album.

On february 4 i was invited to  the world premiere of a film which  i provided music for: "the modern project" on göteborgs film festival. Good stuff!

I´m very excited about the upcoming thinking plague album: "hoping against hope" (scheduled for feb -17 on cuneiform) which i´m fortuned enough to play some bass on! Michael is one of the true greats out there!

The Thirlwell Project took place at the given date, and i think we did the best

that we could given the premises! It was VERY fun and worthwhile doing it!

Here´s a "bootleg" version of it.

But i´ve learned that there soon will be an official video version of it available.

Me myself was mostly focusing on not playing too many wrong notes,

but at some passages the bass guitar did supply some

pretty good qualities to the score under J.G´s own

conduction. I´m proud of it, all though we´re NOT the kronos quartet...

Finally the date is set for the world premiere of composer and legend J.G. Thirlwell´s orchestral score written for, and performed by, The Great Learning Orchestra!!! I will try to support the low basslines for the 35 piece orchestra.

Through out a long time i´ve struggled to get these live-clips from a concert

by "Moby Cunts" which i was lucky to compose the music for.

It´s almost scary stuff. They´re in a "private album" (not mine) and i have no possibility to edit them.

The picture quality is far from ok. Sound as well.

But please, give them a visit!!

Here´s a brief live clip in supreme

quality and resolution! Kraut! Recorded may 18.