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Fredrik Thordendal (meshuggah): If you ask me, simon is bloody KING! 

Michael Johnson (thinking plague): There are moments on this album that actually make my heart soar! 

A truly deep and satisfying work - a masterpiece of 'beyond rock'!

Guy Segers (univers zero, present etc): If he can´t play the bass, who can?

Morgan Ågren (mats/morgan, zappa, devin townsend): His music has reached an universe that is completely his own.

Dark but really, really beautiful. He deserves SO much more recognition. Get his albums dammit!!!

J.G. Thirlwell (foetus/manorexia etc): His music creates a fractal that takes me on a breathtakingly and suspenseful journey,

and his orchestrations can shear the top of my scalp off!

Udi Koomran (legendary sound engineer): Sombre, heavy and occasionally on the verge of suffocation, yet there is always moments where the light shines and emotions are moved. I love it!

Jasun Martz (michael jackson/frank zappa): The Zombie Hunter is one of my all time favourites, absolutely

brilliant. I´ve listened to it a thousand times!

Dave Kerman (present, thinking plague, hamster theatre etc): To say that "brains" is a wonderfully realised

album is a GROSS understatement! Rarely i have to re-evaluate "rock music" before. But now i happily have to!

Chris Cutler (henry cow,  art bears, recommended records): This is serious work, and that´s not common nowadays.

Thymme Jones (cheer accident): Merry Sweden!