Simon Steensland


Pixx: Small Mercies



Hm, let me get back on this...?

Till then, why don´t you make one (album) yourself?


Bonnie Prince Billy: Songs of love and horror

Lisa Grotherus: Dekontee

Field Music: Open Here

Mats/Morgan: Live with N.S.O.

Thinking Plague: Hoping Against Hope

Cheer Accident: Putting off Death 

Cheer Accident: reissue of Trading Balloons

Thomas Adés: asyla, tevot, polaris  LSO

Pixx: the Age of Anxiety

She Devils: She Devils

Diamanda Galas: At Saint Thomas the Apostle Harlem

Art Zoyd: 44 1/2


Thomas Adés: the Twenty-Fifth Hour 

Magma: Köhnzert Zünd

Morgan Ågren: batterie deluxe


the Antwoord: Mount Ninja

Béla Bartók: the complete works (decca)

Bonnie  Prince Billy: Pond Scum

Meshuggah: the Violent Sleep of Reason

Parquet Courts: Human Performance

Radiohead: Moon Shaped Pool

Morgan Ågren: Through the Eyes of a Morgchestra