Some other albums i´ve been fortuned enough to participate on:

fairfisa organ, anklung tr 2 disc 2. bass, guitar  & keyboards tr 11 disc 2.

theremin tr 8.

The Idiot Waltz

bass, guitar, keyboards and co/composing of tr 2. Ripping key-solo  tr 8.

bass, guitar, drums.

bass guitar tr 5.

A superb collection of 56 songs on this vinyl

double LP by the Great Learning Orchestra.

I´m happy to contribute with a track.

assorted minor details. as well as real instruments.

assorted stuff on various tracks.

don´t try this at home, anything of it.

various overdubs

Own version of "malaria". Morgan on  drums. Check out!

baritone horn with "we blow for wine jazz orchestra" tr 9.  dvd appearances from the making of "tilim m´ dohm"

and a live clip with "kamikaze united".

bass-guitar  on mats&morgan´s version of "tilim m´dohm".


handclaps tr 5.

drums tr 7.

marimba, midi mallets

re-mastered version with lot´s of overdubs on many songs