Since i have this genetical defect, i can´t help but love really stupid, totally use/meaningless lists.

Almost as stupid and misleading as "the academy awards". And as necessary…

All stupid lists is in nothing but alphabetical order. No emotions here. Just facts. They can/will all be changed without any former notification. So here we go:

Top 5 bass players:

jean jacques burnel

philippe bussonnet

dennis dunaway

mick karn

bernard paganotti

julie slick

jannick top

tommy thordsson

Top 5 drummers:  

terry bozzio

bill bruford

daniel denis

justin faulkner

greg saunier

christian vander

morgan ågren

Top 5 guitar players:

robert fripp 

bill frisell

steve howe

alain johannes

brian setzer

fredrik thordendal

Top 5 unsung heroes:

johnny barbata

r. l. burnside

zal cleminson

bobby conn

crispin glover 

huang chung

bob drake

alfred jarry

michael johnson

daniel johnston

susanne lewis


juana molina

old skull

harry partch

erasmus of rotterdam

the shaggs

natasha shneider

john kennedy toole

22 pistepirkko

Top 5 movies:


ed wood

even dwarfs started small


river´s edge

sin city

and of course anything with tarzan!

Oh, what happened to "5" some might wonder. Well i don´t know. It´s none of my business…

since you all have been wondering, it´s finally here!

The ping-pong list.

So, Top 5 table tennis players according to Perre Carlsson: 

1. jan ove waldner

2. jiang jialiang

3. jörgen persson

4. wang liqin

5. stellan bengtsson

yes i know, it´s actually a ranking list,

but it´s his list so  therefore his rules!

So all brave and patient folks, at last it´s here!!!

Top 5  birds according to

arvid pettersson:

aquila fasciata

falco eleonorae

glaucidium passerinum

irania gutturalis

stercorarius pomarinus

Well worth the wait if you ask me!!!

here´s a good, and really important one!                        Top 5 WORST philosophers according to

Dr. Quentin Nussbaumer:

gilles deleuze

friedrich hegel

martin heidegger

baruch spinoza

what can i tell you? Who likes hegel anyway?

Top 5 albums:

art zoyd: le mariage du ciel et de l´enfer 

cheer accident: trading balloons

cocorosie: grey oceans

deerhoof: offend maggie 

robert fripp: exposure

hail: hello debris

japan: obscure alternatives

albert marcceur: albert marcceur

meshuggah: the violent sleep of reason

red house painters: rollercoaster

siouxsie and the banshees: join hands

sparks: kimono my house

thinking plague: in extremis

univers zero: uzed

van der graaf generator: godbluff

yob: clearing the path to ascend

morgan ågren: through the eyes of a morgchestra

Top 5 voices:

dagmar krause

k.d. lang 


tyler semrick-palmateer

laure le prunenec

ellekari sander

natasha shneider

re styles

courtney swain

thom yorke

Top 5 orchestral composers:

thomas adés

charles ives

krzysztof penderecki

alfred schnittke

Top 5 ways of throwing your money in the ocean:

beatles: love

buying hifi-gear from unknown hifi-sites via internet

king crimson: the elements 2014 tour box 

king crimson: the 2016 world tour. Damn what a waste…

the latest 200 yes albums for the last 35 years 

the string quartet tribute to elliott smith

throwing your money in the ocean (maybe the all time  best since you also  have to pay for the ticket to even get there) Double-smart!

van der graaf generator: present

Top 5 debut albums:

alice cooper: pretties for you

black hole country: same

carla bley: escalator over the he hill

the breeders: pod

ian dury: new boots and panties

förträngt hushållarbete: offret om att älska…

p j harvey: dry

huang chung: same

kongh: counting heartbeats

mare: 00:24:26

mats/morgan: trends and other diseases

pugh rogefeldt: ja dä ä dä!

roxy music: roxy music

sex pistols: never mind the bollocks

the tubes: the tubes

the work: slow crimes

frank zappa: freak out!

Top 5 guilty pleasures: 

all by myself: eric carmen

always on my mind: brenda lee

happy new year: abba

i´m in love with a german filmstar: the passions

it´s my party: lesley gore

rose garden: lynn anderson

you are my sunshine: oliver hood

you take my breath away: berlin

Top 5 live albums:

blue öyster cult: on your feet or on your knees

deep purple: made in japan

judas priest: unleashed in the east

magma: live köhntark

nico: reims cathedral

the tubes: what do you want from live

univers zero: relaps

uk: night after night (full version) minus the solos of course

frank zappa: roxy & elsewhere

Top 5 beatles-covers:

black hole country: help

siouxsie and the banshees: helter skelter

sparks: i want to hold your hand

hmm, that´s the only  two i can think of.


best inventions, novels etc…

maybe even something music-oriented.

Finally, the iaaf world records list!

Top 5 athletics world records:

100 m men: 9.58 usain bolt

10.000 m men: 26.11.00  joshua cheptegei

javelin throw men: 98.48 jan zelesny

hepathlon women: 7291 jackie joyner kersee 

400 m hurdles women: 50.68 sydney mclaughlin

Top 5  extra ordinary " pocket" drummers:

jo blocker

charley charles

steve jansen

ted mckenna

prairie prince

neal smith

mårten tiselius

A classic one:

Top 5 football players through all time

according to ruggero formenti:

roberto baggio

diego maradona 


michel platini

alfredo di stefano

hm, i have to make one myself since i might not totally agree....

(without contest of course)

Top 5  sharks: 

cetorhinus maximus

chlamydoselachus anguineus

mitsukorina owstoni

notorynchus cepedianus

somniosus microcephalus

sphyrna mokarran

Top 5 horrifying (rock) music: 

black hole country: same

alice cooper: love it to death

sonic youth: confusion is sex

roberto carlos

johan cruyff

gerd müller 

zinedine zidane

rené higuita (since you might need a goalie)

Maybe more old shool Ruggero?

The stupid football counter stupid list

Top 5 songs to die for:

according to the spiral: cheer-accident

agnus dei: pekka pohjola

another day: hail

behold the man: thinking plague

dancing with tears in my eyes: lead belly

eve white/eve black: siouxsie and the banshees

fletcher honorama: sparks

ghosts: randy newman

gloomy sunday: rezsö seress

it´s hard enough knowing: pete shelley

jagged fruit: deerhoof 

jesus: pugh rogefeldt

just good friends: peter hammill

lita: lars hollmer

living in the heart of the beast: henry cow

look away: deerhoof

moeris dancing: art bears

simple: k.d. lang

skymning: kongh